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What I’m working on..

Where do you get inspiration? How does an idea or project start for you? For me, it seems to start in my heart. It has something with meaning and purpose and wants to be expressed. I love to share whats on my heart and share seeing the world through eyes of an artist for what I feel the world really needs right now. More truth, more love, more space to hold for listening, caring, respecting the dignity of a person. No one knows your journey and soul’s purpose, and convictions than you. Be you! You are loved, you have a purpose and the journey is where the challenges, discovering, and learning allows us to grow.

So this WIP (work in progress) I took this photo in 2015/2016 timeframe and captured the little nuances of Isabella, I watched her grow for a number of years. When I was inspired to find a photo from that session of her and her sister I knew I’d start with this one and see where other inspirations lead me.