motto for 2024! what is your hope

what is your hope in one word for 2024?

We all have desires in our heart, and the heart is where you will find your treasure.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. ~Matthew 6:21

what’s on your mind for 2024? … let’s make it a good report …

My motto for 2024 is “Lovingkindness” because it contains “love”, and comes from the source of love (agape love), which is God. He first loved us (1Jn4:19), that we should know and be, do, act, share, and express love for others, but firstly and most importantly to love God. This command is above all other commands, and only next to it is to love our neighbor. Two great commandments we should always be reminded of where Love comes from. Love is important to God, and should be important to us.

May you be blessed and walk in love and truth, by faith keeping the Hope that He also teaches us which will help us to overcome.

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